“Ali Zafar Harassed Me On Multiple Occasions,” Says Meesha Shafi


Meesha says she went to the plaintiff’s house with my husband when he groped her inside the house and her husband was busy with friends outside the house.

LAHORE: While recording her statement before a sessions judge, Popular Singer Meesha Shafi said that she was repeatedly harassed by singer-cum-actor Ali Zafar.

The singer also submitted before the court’s copies of her tweets about the incidents of sexual harassment by Ali Zafar. “First time, I was harassed by Zafar at the house of plaintiff’s father-in-law where he (Zafar) sexually harassed me,” Meesha said while recording her statement before the court during the hearing of a defamation suit—filed by Ali Zafar against her. Ali Zafar, she said, groped her inside the house while her husband was busy with his friends outside the house.

Lahore Sessions Court this morning. Charming scenario.
I gave my full and complete statement. If this was about fame or greed, or running away, I wouldn’t be here today. I could’ve easily been sitting in front of my fireplace in Toronto with my beautiful children uff miss them.

“I told my husband about the incident but he stopped me from taking any immediate action,” she stated. “I was just scared and confused and I didn’t want any fight, adding that “my husband is trainer boxer,”.

She said she went through trauma for several months after the incidents. Meesha Shafi also told the court that she informed her manager about the incident and also the contract manager of Pepsi about her denial to work with Plaintiff Ali Zafar.

She said bringing this issue before the public was not any pre-planned as she just spoke about her protection and safety.

After hearing the statement of Meesha Shafi, additional district & Sessions Judge Amjad Ali Shah adjourned the further hearing till Dec 20.

Later, Meesha tweeted about her visit to the court and informed her fans about the status of her case. Saba Hameed, the mother of Shafi, and senior actor Iffat Omar had already recorded their statement in the case.

Ali Zafar through his case said that Shafi made fake tweets about him, leveled baseless allegations of sexual harassment against him which damaged his repute and tarnished his image. He also said that his family also went through mental agony, pain, and stress due to her fake tweets and allegations. He asked the court to issue a decree of Rs 1 billion as compensation to him against Shafi for false allegations. Ms. Shafi had also moved a defamation suit against Ali Zafar.


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