Ali Azmat in his True Lahori Colours


Ali Azmat is a title that’s known by each kid on the streets of Pakistan. He’s among those singers and songwriters of all Pakistan that has proved his skills as an artist but as an actor. He’s best known to a lot of people because of the lead singer to its powerful Sufi rock group Junoon which redefined Sufi singing for its millennial creation of Pakistan. He is not famous in Pakistan but around the subcontinent.

This degree of fame could be judged by the fact that Ali Azmat is your first musician to perform in the United Nations General Assembly and an Indian group deciding to sing his tune”Dosti” (English:”Friendship”), an aptly chosen name to encourage the UN’s mission in bringing peace into the entire world and paradoxically involving two arch-rivals India and Pakistan as well.

Ali Azmat is greatest as since nobody could match up to his criteria. His standards, his mindset, his personality really are purely his. Ali Azmat is among those men, whose entire life is full of dares, struggles, creations and benefits.

He’s been gifted with a voice that makes him stand out one of his peers and from the audience. Together with control and his versatility on notes, Ali is now an iconic figure.

He’s fought and been attempted to be set down, but that motivated him to defeat all odds to make his mark and to grow up to the event. This multidimensional artist was known as the”Bono” of Pakistan by MTV and continues to be christened Asia’s response to”Santana” and U2 of South Asia from the New York Times. Now Ali Azmat is a rock singer — mark in the music market of excellence and differentiation.

He’s currently reinventing the South Asian music stadium with his trademark and fiery combination of musical customs that are east/west. Ali stepped to the Pakistani music stadium when there was penetration into the populace. The majority of the listeners throughout Ali’s childhood opted to go and make even a standout icon.

Ali took up the struggle and then utilized his first suggestions to begin among those very first pop-rock bands of the nation, specifically Jupiters who afterwards created all the evergreen song and anthem for the youth, Dosti (Friendship).In 1990, Ali began the group of South Asia,’Junoon’. He had been united by Salman Ahmad and Nusrat Hussain.

The group Junoon failed to create an impact on the music business originally. You will find many bumps in the street and these battles led Nusrat to depart the ring. Following his death, Salman Ahmad encouraged bassist Brain O’ Connell to join them. With this release, Ali and Junoon started to reach wider audiences in Pakistan and their song Jazba-e-Junoon became the anthem for the cricket world cup in Pakistan. Junoon’s fourth studio album Azadi was the most successful album of the music group which received a platinum rating in South Asia. It was the highest-selling album for the group.

In 1997, the group went on their first tour to the United States where they performed in Los Angeles and Birmingham, Alabama. In 1999, Junoon won the”Best International Group” award in the Channel [V] Music Awards at New Delhi. Back in 2001 Ali appeared at the VH1 News Special Islamabad Rock City, a documentary about Junoon hosted by Susan Sarandon.

Back in October 2001, he staged it, this time around the ground of the United Nations General Assembly has an Indian group. The New York, Times and the Village Voice among other people composed reviews of his operation, the rock concert held in the UN. Back in 2002, Ali was nominated for the Emmy award for its tune Baba Bandook which comprised in a Pakistani animation.


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