Aiman khan upset For Her Leaked Pictures

The mom-to-be looked beautiful dressed in a pink gown and the actress definitely has the pregnancy glow.

Actress Aiman Khan had been keeping her pregnancy a secret and she was yet to make an official announcement about it, but photos of her ‘private’ baby shower were ‘leaked’ Tuesday night, much to her ‘disappointment’.

The soon-to-be mom doesn’t seem happy with her private pictures getting ‘leaked’ on social media, as she expressed her disappointment on her Instagram stories. “This was a very private event between me, my friends and family. Thank you very much whoever invaded my privacy and posted our pictures without my consent, my beautiful day ended in a bad mood,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

Interestingly, her twin sister and fellow actress Minal Khan had also shared a glimpse of the baby shower and seem like Aiman forgot to notice it. Minal shared a boomerang video, in which Aiman seemed wearing a sash that reads ‘Mom’. The video, however, was deleted soon after Aiman shared on her Instagram that someone ‘leaked’ her baby shower photos.

As soon as pictures started making rounds on social media, it put all speculations about her pregnancy to rest and many details were also revealed. From the looks of it, Aiman is all set to welcome a baby girl, which was quite evident from a pink-themed baby shower and the cake that read ‘It’s a girl’.


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