Aiman and I have never competed against each other: Minal Khan


Sister Minal Khan Talked with Aiman Khan and shared that There’s no rivalry between the Khan sisters At a recent interview on Rewind using Samina Peerzada, Minal stated that they never become jealous of one another’s fame since their parents treat them both.

The Hasad celebrity shed light on how life has changed following Aiman’s union. “Aiman is 28 minutes older than me and she has always acted like the older sister, but now I have to fill her space in the house.” In Aiman’s lack, Minal has developed a strong bond with her brothers too.

Discuss clothing till now and the sisters really are a telephone away from each other go shopping together, she shared. The starlet revealed the duo began their careers when their dad’s friend to get a commercial approached them.

As well as their parents are encouraging while their mom who accompany the celebrities.


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