About Us

9Newshd.tv, commonly known as 9News, is a Pakistani locally based news channel.

Slogan: Har Waqat, Ba Khabar

This slogan quite accurately explains the aim and objective with which 9 News HD channel was launched. The channel is not only recognized for providing the audience with the latest news but also strives to give the viewers correct information without any biases, and without trying to hide the truth for personal or professional gains. It covers every story in such a way that no stone is left unturned in revealing the whole truth.

The channel’s slogan is a testament to its commitment in providing it’s viewers with the latest, most authentic news and keeping them informed, thereby enabling them as empowered citizens of Pakistan who are up to date with the issues facing their country along with knowing what’s happening in their surroundings.

The channel publishes news for the sake of raising awareness amongst the masses, without keeping in mind any personal gains or benefits. All this is why the channel is doing so well on the national level and is gaining rapid popularity among the masses.

Website: 9newshd.tv
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