2 Foot Tall man Got Married With 6 Feet high girl


Two-foot tall Pakistani Burhan Chishti became an immediate impression on media following his movie, dance to the song of a Punjabi song went viral. The wedding reception of this Pakistani bunch at Oslo went viral following the groom Bobo was transported by his buddies in their arms to assist him dancing to Punjabi figures.

The movie revealed Bobo taking selfies together with his bride, Fauzia, and coming holding her hands. The wedding reception of Burhan Chishti and Fauzia was held at Oslo lately and has been attended nationals from distinct states based on reports. Fauzia, that hails from Pakpattan at Punjab province of Pakistan, stated that she adored Bobo and had inscribed his name.

Bobo, with a lively presence on websites, also stated that the feeling has been reciprocal, and even commissioned a number of his dialogues prior to going off to dancing to Punjabi beats his pals.

Friends of Bobo shared their own messages on the event, recounting how they’d travelled from different states for the wedding reception and hoping that the couple pleasure, Bobo’s lovers from 13 states came to attend the wedding reception that was grand in Oslo.

Bobo follows lifestyle regardless of his’disability’ as conducts business such as Bobo Style occasion, suits and direction. In addition, he represents Indian movie star Salman Khan’s Being Human effort in Norway. He has won the greatest individual award in 2017. His networking actions demonstrate he likes to socialize with journalists and tv celebrities, crickets and film.


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