Indian Army initiates unprovoked firing in Zafarwal sector

By Muhammad JuniadPublished On 27 Oct 2023

Sialkot: The Indian Army has carried out unprovoked firing in the Zafarwal sector, targeting the civilian population.

Reports suggest that the Indian Border Force made an attempt to infiltrate the Zafarwal sector on Thursday night, resulting in damage to the civilian population.

In response to this aggression, the Pakistan Army took swift action.

As a consequence of Pakistan's retaliatory firing, the Indian Border Force incurred losses, and there are indications of injuries among Indian soldiers.

Security experts speculate that this ceasefire violation by India could be linked to the international outrage following the execution of eight Indian spies in Qatar.

Prior to this incident, India had already faced criticism due to alleged target killings of Sikhs by its intelligence agency, RAW, in Canada.

Additionally, the Indian government appears to be grappling with the situation as Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir observe Black Day on October 27.